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Welcome to Northwest Indiana Shotokai and Jujitsu
We are certified martial arts school with discipline and family values!

We here at Northwest Indiana Shotokai and Jujitsu offer many courses to all types and ages of people.
Courses can start at an early age of 4.
We offer Shoto-Jitsu karate which is a blend of  five main styles ( Shotokan Karate, Nippon Ketsugo Jujitsu, Aikido, Hapkido,and Kempo Karate ). It is more of a stand up kick-strike type art with Shotokan karate katas, kicks, strikes and with techniques from nippon ketsugo Jujitsu. (please check time and dates of classes)
Goshin Ryu Jujitsu is an older type classical Japanese Jujitsu it primarily consists of techniques of strictly self defense, Throws, takedowns, techniques which can be used to stop or hold and opponent without causing physical damage unless needed. Class also offers the following weapons (Hanbo, short staff),(Nunchuku, Numbchucks),(Kama,cycle),(Sai,three prong defensive weapon),(Jo Staff,3ft Staff),(Bo Staff,6ft Staff),(Bokken, wooden sword) amonst the many other ways in which to defend yourself. (please check time and dates of classes)

Me and my Instructor after testing.

Grandmaster Ron Reed
and Master Michael Garcia
Ron Reed Shoto-Jitsu and Karate
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You can e-mail us at:

NWISJ 116 North Broad St Griffith, IN 46319